William Hebding on Examples of Aerospace Ground Equipment

For airports to function properly, they require ground devices for maintenance and operations inside and outside the terminal. These pieces, known as Aerospace Ground Equipment, perform duties such as loading and unloading passengers and freight onto and off of planes. Their specifications are defined by the Federal Aviation Authority. Some common examples of Aerospace Ground Equipment are described below.

Air Start Units: Also known as air compressors, air start units send large amounts of compressed air to an engine so it may start.

Aircraft Tugs: Aircraft tugs bring aircrafts into terminals. There are tugs for narrow-body aircrafts as well as tugs for wide-body aircrafts.

Service Vehicles: Service vehicles are a wide range of machinery that includes fuel trucks, bobtail tractors, and lavatory trucks.

Weapons Loader: Weapons loaders are specialty devices present on military bases as they transport munitions between the ground and the aircraft’s body.

About the Author:

A graduate of the University of North Alabama, William Hebding has dedicated some of his career to aerospace firms. Currently the Vice President of Sales at Skill-Metric Machine and Tool, Inc., Bill Hebding provides aircraft ground equipment to government and private entities.


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